Regional WRFS Convention will take place in Ljubljana in early June next year. What sort of weather is to be expected?

It is usually a very nice and pleasant time of year. Average morning air temperatures are about 14 °C and the highest day temperatures are about 25 °C. In June, a hot spell of few days with temperature above 30 °C may happen, but not necessarily. Relative humidity is about 80 % in the morning and it falls to 50 % in early afternoon.

Ljubljana doesn’t lack rain. Annual sum of precipitations is about 1.400 mm (compare this with 650 mm in Paris, 500 mm in Berlin, 730 mm in Rome, and 690 mm in Moscow and Melbourne). 1/12 of the rain in Ljubljana falls in June, usually in form of short afternoon showers. Once a week, a storm with thunder can be expected, usually in late afternoon or at night.

Sun rises at 5 in the morning and sets at 9 in the evening. Dusk appears at 21.30. The June days are long! Ljubljana has many cafes and restaurant with open-air facilities. Summer evenings in Ljubljana are just made for going out and enjoy relaxed Mediterranean-like atmosphere.