The Rose Garden Valdoltra (Slovenia) and the Roseto San Giovanni (San Giovanni Rose Garden) in Trieste (Italy)
A half-day excursion on June 13th 2017
Departure from Arboretum at 1 PM, return around 7 PM
Price: 38 €
Included in the price: bus transportation, aperitif in the rose garden, escort guide


The visit of the Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra Rose Collection Park. This is a collection of shrubby multiflorous roses descending from a donation of Prof. Gianfranco Fineschi from Cavriglia (Italy). Those roses and rose beds represent the beginning of the rose-growing activity in Slovenia.

Roseto San Giovanni-Award of Excellence WFRS 2015

The Park of San Giovanni was home to the mental hospital of Trieste opened in 1908, designed by Ludovico Braidotti. From the 70s, the Park was the scene of a radical psychiatric reform, made by Dr. Franco Basaglia who transform for the first time in the world a closed asylum into a decentralised system in the town and the area became an open public space.

In 2004 the Health Services Agency, together with the Province, the Municipality and the University of Trieste, promoted the recovery of the place and the installation of the rose garden, following a suggestion of Prof. Gianfranco Fineschi to present the idea of the evolution of the rose. Thanks to him, it was possible to include many rare varieties from the world-renowned Roseto Botanico Carla Fineschi in Cavriglia.