Between the towns Chorzow and Katowice lies Silesian park (Park Śląski), 620 ha big recreational area. Beside many other venues there is also a big rose garden, the biggest one in Poland.


The rose garden in Silesian park was built in mid-sixties and it is a wonderful example of modernistic architecture. The majority of rose beds are set to hexagonal honeycomb structures, made of concrete kerbs. Paths between the beds are paved with washed tiles, very typical for that time. After fifty years the concrete structures need renovation, but the architecture itself is worth preserving.

There are 375 hexagonal beds, aimed to present floribundas, hybrid teas, patio and ground-cover roses. Ten years ago soil in the beds has been completely changed and roses replanted. There are also plots with big orthogonal rose beds and individual very big beds (up to 400 m2) planted with single varieties.

The rose garden is placed to a solid park frame of an area of 7 ha. For such a vast area beds need to be big or clustered to big groups. Strong rose shrubs are planted individually and very effective is also use of climbing roses, grown as shrubs. At the time of my visit there roses, the rose garden and the park were well maintained. The main minus of the rose garden in Chorsow is lack of name labels.

This and other rose gardens in Poland and the rose news from the country will be presented in the Rose convention in Ljubljana 2017 by Łukasz Rojewski new leader of Polish rose society ( Polskie Towarzystwo Różane).