»Flowers that Italy, France, England, Holland, the Netherlands and Germany value as delicate, rare, unusual, chosen, lovely and beautiful, all they is here, as well as different plants from India.«

Johann Weichard von Valvasor wrote this in 1689 to describe abundance of plants in the gardens of Lisičje, an estate not far from Ljubljana. Further on in the text he expressed astonishment and enthusiasm about the garden achievement. He listed dozens of different types of anemone, trollius, great many of lilies and irises,  mentioned Indian yucca and different arts of jasmine, and used four full pages to describe different tulips, of which more than hundred were grown by the lord of Lisičje.

On the end of his description of plants Valvasor added: »Further they grow diverse stripped garden-roses, and many other roses of different arts.« Unfortunately, with roses  Valvasor didn’t go in depth and in details as with tulips. What a pity! If he had done so, he would have left us valuable and much richer information about the first known collector’s rose garden on the grounds of today’s Slovenia.

Depiction of Lisičje mansion and gardens from the Valvasor’s book »Die Ehre dess Hertzogthums Crain«, printed in 1689.