The rose garden in Bilje, the most recently establisheh rose gardens in Slovenia, was planted in 2013 at the Horticultural Centre of the Biotechnical Faculty.

In the garden all the most common classes of roses are displayed. At the entrance, the ground cover roses are combined with other ornamental plants. On the lawn there are rows of rustic poles with ramblers and climbing roses. They are set along the round path which leads to rose shurbs and stem roses.

rozarij-bilje-vrtnica nacrt-bilje

The centrally placed plantation of hybrid teas and floribundas is the most prominent part of the garden. Their colour ranges from white to cream, over salmon and yellow to pink and red. The roses are accompanied by lavender, sage and other sun-loving perennials. All the roses are labelled with name plates, which enables visitors to learn and memorize the cultivar names.

zasaditveni-nacrt-vrtnice razarij-bilje
Written by Assist. Prof. Dr. Valentina Schmitzer